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R.I.P. dear sweet Panchito.  
The last few days it became obvious that there was something very wrong.. we fought with you and for you but your old body and heart could not enjoy life anymore. NOBODY could have known this, it was that you finally find your peace here with us, that you let go of your fears and became yourself, a little dog who loved life, and your body that became at peace too decided to take over. 
The two months you were here you became so alive, smiling, loving food and enjoying the company of the dogs and us. 
It hurts so much but you are safe and not suffering.. We couldn't let you go on as you were.. it would have been so unfair...stay safe dear sweet funny clown.. we love you so so much and always will.... my heart is broken !!!!!!!!   Tears, tears and more tears.. they don't stop....

Thank you so so much to 
Vida Nova Honden for all the support you have given and telephone calls many times a day these past few days, and to my dear Rosa CastaƱer who loved Panchito as her own..  and all at Animals Sense Sostre xxx