• Beschrijving

Pio, male, born 10/2014, 36 cm, castrated and totally vaccinated


Guido, male, born 03/2018, 37 cm, castrated and totally vaccinated


Pio and Guido arrived together, they were in the street tied in a fence. No chip, nobody asked for them. 

We think Pio is the father of Guido, they are always together, they look always for eachother.... we would like to give them in adoption together.... maybe it will be dificult but we can try for some time and if it is not possible, then we sepatate them... what do you think?


Pio and Guio are peferct with other dogs, they are living with one other male and one female: They are very sweet, lovely and friendly with humans. They are cheerful, funny... Pio is a bit more cautious than Guido but as soon as he knows you he is super lovely




Pio   https://youtu.be/okA0vOpeWPY


Guido  https://youtu.be/EAkOvdlVfj0


Pio & Guido  https://youtu.be/X77R__VQevU